Saturday, May 7, 2011

Foster Dog Training

Obviously when we get a foster dog, we are expecting some training issues. Most dogs don't get dumped at the shelter with excellent training. The dog we have now, Cher AKA "Chair" has major recall/bolting issues. She also digs in the yard and is mildly afraid of new things.

I have been focusing on her recall issue mainly because I think this will limit her ability to get adopted. She thinks it's a fun game and really tries hard to get out. She is never allow outside of her crate unless she is contained or on a long line. We have had 3 instances of her escaping and it was scary!

She is making excellent progress, considering she wouldn't come to me and let me touch her collar at all when we first got her. The next step will be to add distractions.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exciting Things

First some updates....

Pax: We are spending a lot of time conditioning Pax for muscle building, which means lots of time spent free running. We are slowly getting to the point of having a mostly solid recall on him, but it's still a work in progress. His flyball training is coming along nicely. He can now do full runs, but his striding is off. We are going to try 10" jumps and starting him further back. After we let him work it out for awhile, we will add striding gutters if he doesn't work it out himself. He is still taking a break from agility and goes to race practices when we have time to take him.

Epic: We decided that Epic's box work in flyball needs work, wall work. He hasn't been doing much herding, mainly because we haven't gone out for a lesson. It's been too long! Epic is taking a CGC class with me, so I can learn how to teach this class & because he needs more obedience training. He is doing well and I think he enjoys the individual attention. He gets stressed out easily and doesn't calm down after activity. To deal with this, I have been working on the "off switch game".

Indigo: We have been doing less flyball practice with Indigo and focusing more on keeping her in good physical shape. She runs beautifully and seems to do well with some breaks. This gives us time to focus on Pax. She is busy with agility & nose work. Her first trial is coming up soon. Her & Ben are entered in jumpers & tunnelers. She will be starting the next level of nose work soon...odor detection.

Last weekend.....we went to a tournament in Abbotsford. Indigo & Epic ran well all weekend. Indigo ran all 3.8s in start and some 3.9s with a pass. Epic ran lots of 3.9s in start and a 3.901 with a pass! Pax had some awesome experience practicing on Saturday night after racing. He did several successful full runs with lots of distractions going on. We were proud. Now Ben & I have to decide who will run him. I think I'm losing the battle.

Upcoming Summer Schedule....
5/14 Race Practice
5/28-30 Agility Trial
6/4-5 Flyball Tournament - Cloverdale
7/9-10 Flyball Tournament - Salem (possible debut for Pax)
7/16 - Ben TTouch Seminar
7/23-24 Flyball Tournament - Maple Ridge
7/13-14 UFLI Flyball Tournament - Vancouver Island
7/27-28 NAFA flyball Tournament - Vancouver Island
8/5,6,7 Whippet Specialty Event - Argus Ranch
9/17-18 UFLI tournament - Gridley, CA
10/15-16 ASFA lure coursing Roy, WA