Monday, November 1, 2010

Updates On The Dogs

Indigo: Something is wrong with my girl and I cant figure out what! Its so frustrating. We have done massage, chiropractic, xrays and now we are testing her thyroid and next we will do a tick panel and then accupuncture. Its really frustrating because I dont know what her problem is. I dont know if she is in pain or if there is a training issue? Her flyball times have slowed down from 3.7/3.8 to 4.2 in start. This is a big change for her. After a lot of activity she seems to get a little bit of an arched back. It is really frustrating because I dont know if I should rest her or do something else to help her. Anyway, Indigo and Ben are having a great time training with Heather and Michael Bruce in agility They are working on Bens handling skills and will start 2 X 2 weave training as soon as we get the weaves we ordered!

Epic: Epic is doing great! We decided to keep him out of agility and focus on flyball and herding. He has gone to Diane Pagel's farm a few times for board & train and we are looking for a longer term training arrangement so that he can start trialing. He had a lesson with Scott Glen a few days ago and now we are working on teaching him his flanks well. He knows them, but not perfectly. He needs to know them well and correctly before we can move to driving. In flyball he keeps speeding up for Ben. He is regularly running 3.9/4.0 in the pack. We could not be happier with how he turned out.

Pax: Our introduction to the world of sighthounds.... He is a great dog and fits in well. I am taking puppy agility with him. He has a great amount of drive and focus as long as we keep the sessions short. So far we have worked on tug drive, walking a ladder and walking on a long board. Training will be a challenge compared to working a training addicted border collie, but I have high hopes for his future. In flyball we are working on flat recalls, targeting, "over and back" and just last night we introduced one jump. We will most likely hold off on lure coursing and oval track racing until the Spring.

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