Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Flyball Tournament of 2011

We went to our first tournament of the year this past weekend. We could only go on Sunday because of my work schedule, but our teammates were nice enough to bring Indigo and Epic to race on Saturday also. They both did great.

Indigo ran is completely back to her old self again and is running lots of 3.8's and 3.9s in 2nd position. I didn't start her, so I'm not sure what her real times are. I think my passes were pretty class, so that is probably accurate.

Epic is a little bit overweight at the moment and his box turn needs some work. He ran lots of 3.9s in start, but didn't seem quite as fast as usual.

We stayed in a hotel because it didn't seem worth the effort to set up the trailer for one night. Pax was perfect in the hotel. He slept in the bed, right up against me all night and didn't move. He practiced on Saturday night after racing and did well. I think we got a little bit ahead of ourselves and sent him on a few full runs, which messed up his turn. This reinforced that we need to keep it slow with him and stay close to the box until his turn is really good. I can't wait for his debut! His recall to the tug is super fast!

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