Saturday, July 16, 2011

upcoming plans & results

Last weekend we went to a flyball tournament in Salem, OR. They offered Friday night racing, which is rare for this region. It was perfect timing to get some practice for Pax and see what kind of times we could get for Indigo & Epic. They all did really well.

Pax spit his ball most of the time because I was more focused on getting a good time, then making sure he held his ball. He ran a best time of 3.70. I don't think he will be a 3.5 whippet, but I'm quite pleased with this. He is extremely focused and has room to speed up. I'm cursed with ball spitters...Indigo also spit her ball a few times, unfortunately when she ran a 3.70. I know she has a 3.6 in her! Epic has been running consistently in the low 3.8s, and ran one 3.80. His biggest area that needs work is his box turn. It's pretty could, but could be faster.

Indigo & Epic were on the same open team. We were seeded significantly faster than all the other open teams and won easily.

Upcoming Events

7/23-24 Flyball Tournament - Maple Ridge
7/13-14 UFLI Flyball Tournament - Vancouver Island
9/17-18 NAFA tournament - Longview, WA
9/24-25 UFLI tournament - Gridley, CA

I'm not sure when our next agility will be. We went to a NADAC trial for weavers & touchngo, but Indigo wasn't ready. She needs work on weaves on contacts. Hopefully her and Ben will be ready later this summer or fall. We are also thinking about doing some foundation work with Pax, so that Ben has two dogs to run in agility!

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  1. It was a busy weekend, but your dogs looked good when I got a chance to watch them run!