Monday, October 3, 2011

Flyball Vacay

We just got back from a long trip in our trailer with Finley and the three dogs. We picked up our trailer from Tacoma RV, which was getting fixed after some damage that happened in Victoria. After that we stopped for lunch in Centralia at Country Cousin with Dan and Cheryl. Then we went down to Longview, WA for a flyball tournament. This was not one of my favorite tournaments. The venue was not ideal at all. There was no space for crating and the surface was dirt. My air cast got dirty and I felt awful on Sunday and stayed in the trailer. The good things were that Indigo ran well for Brian from TA and Pax did well on Sunday. I've decided that this is my last flyball tournament on dirt. The tugs get nasty and the dogs never run well and it's gross the kneel in.
Despite the difficulty we had at that tournament, we trucked on to Roseburg, OR, then Weed, CA and stopped in Clear Lake, CA. I'm usually not really negative, but this  place was a total dump! I expected a fancy beach house and a cute little town with lots of restaurants and things to do with Finley. We got a double wide manufactured home that smelled like mold and a rocky beach. The water was actually warm for swimming and the dogs had fun. The town was mostly boarded up stores and sad looking people. Not going back there again either!
It sounds like a bad really wasn't. We made the best of it. As soon as we pulled into Gridley everything got better. We had full hookups, parked right next to our teammates with a huge field to potty/exercise the dogs. The weather was amazing and the building air conditioned to the perfect temperature. Our dogs ran well too. Indigo and Ezri set a new best time with their doubles team of 8.0..something... Indigo proved again that she's not a singles type of girl, but ran wonderfully in 2nd position after Ezri on the team and was part of all the fast lineups.. Goose, who by the way is still in the running for fastest border collie this year, did great despite a ripped up pad and handler with a hurt ankle. I was so proud of Pax! He ran amazingly well the whole weekend. He beat his previous singles time with a 3.77 and did great with his first time in start and 3rd position. He held his ball and got faster throughout the weekend. I couldn't have asked for more out of him.
In other news, we tried dock dogs this weekend. thumbs down. Goose and Indigo wouldn't jump off the dock and we didn't bother to try Pax because he JUST learned how to swim. It was fun to watch, but not a sport we will pursue until we have a dog that loves it.
Indigo and Pax are starting back up with agility classes and Indigo is also getting back into Nosework.

Our upcoming schedule:
October 9 - Breeder Day in Olympia
October 15-16 - Lure Coursing ASFA Roy, WA
October 23 - Flyball Tournament (Goose & Indigo running without us)
November 5-6 -  Flyball Tournament
November 25-26th NADAC agility Argus Ranch

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