Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Tournament Results

Two weeks ago we went to Canada for the November Flying Squad flyball tournament. Our three dogs were on the same team. I ran Pax, Ben ran Goose and Jeff ran Indy. We were seeded at the bottom of Division 1 with a 17.5. We realized quickly that we could go a lot faster than this, as we broke 17 right away. We kept breaking the JCJ NAFA record with each race. Goose and Indy were solid as usual. Indy and her handler Jeff are a great team. Pax was in start because he tends to slow down  A LOT when passing into another dog. I am very happy with his performance overall. He didn’t make any errors all weekend, running between 3.8 and 4.2 depending on his striding and box turn.  I have a lot to work on with him! His striding is off going into the box after on the way back as well. Also some of his box turns were really wide. He was really fun to run and I’m excited for a long flyball career for him. Our best team time of the weekend was 16.60.
We have two more tournaments coming up, one the first week in December and one for New Years Eve!
I went to watch Pax and Indy practice agility last night after several months of not seeing them. Indy was way over the top crazy (even after a trip to the park), but she was able to hit her contacts on the dogwalk. She still doesn’t have a good running contact on the A frame. Pax looked great! He is starting weave training and is extremely focused on Ben and seems to enjoy it.

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