Thursday, January 5, 2012


2011 was a great year for our dogs!

Indigo, who is now almost 5 years old....
1. Debuted in agility and did well in hoopers, tunnelers and jumpers
2. Ran solidly in flyball on our teams new A team, mostly for Jeff and was part of the new club record of 16.4
3. Broke her time record in Friday night racing with a 3.70, in UFLI singles with a 3.832, making her the 23 fastest dog for the year and the 5th fastest border collie. Just this past weekend she ran her best time with a pass of 3.80.
4. Earned her ONYX in NAFA and TFE-I in UFLI
5. Ran with her sister Ezri in doubles 8.017, making them the 14th fastest pair for the year.
6. Make the top pointed NAFA dogs with 156 spot
7. Tried lure coursing and did well (for a border collie)

Goose, who turned 4 in November.....
1. Continued to run well for Ben in flyball and was also part of the new club record of 16.4
2. Broke his singles time record in UFLI with a 3.740, making him the fastest border collie for 2011, not bad for a herding dog that we got at age 1.5!
3. Is now the 24th fastest dog of all time and the 5th fastest border collie of all time
4. Earned his FMX in NAFA and TFE in UFLI  and was the 245th highest pointed dog in NAFA
5. Ran consistent 3.8s and 3.9s in the pack over 10" jumps.
6. Also tried lure coursing and did well (also Pax would have a different opinion)
7. Oh and most importantly got a name change to a way cooler name that is a much better fit. 

Pax, who is almost 2.....
1. Debuted in July in Friday night racing and ran a 3.72, but spit his ball on most runs
2. Ran in singles in August and September in UFLI with a best time of 3.773, making him the forth fastest whippet this year and the 7th fastest whippet of all time.
3. Earned his TF-I in UFLI and FDCH-S NAFA
4. Ran solidly on our Divison 1 team in start position, rarely making a mistake.
5. Started agility training with Ben and is on his way to learning contact and weaves.
5. Tried NOTRA and ASFA lure coursing. He placed 2nd in the lure coursing trial.

Here is what I posted for the New Year last year...

my commitments to my dogs in the new year

1. I will not get another dog. I have my hands full at the moment with 3 dogs and a baby.

I am frequently tempted to add another dog to the pack. Its a bit of an addiction actually. I will satisfy my need for new dogs by continuing to have a foster dog in the house.

Mission Accomplished. Check!
2. I will teach them all to have a reliable recall.

With multiple dogs living in the city a RELIABLE recall is essential (or should be). Indigo and Epic have a very good recall, but it needs to be better. Especially when someone else has a chuck-it and we don't. And while I am calling them, that other person throws the ball. Its WAY more rewarding for them to chase the ball and ignore me.

I am currently signed up for Susan Garretts Recallers class and have seen major improvements. I'll consider that done.

3. I will take Epic for herding lessons on a regular basis.

I took Epic herding on Friday and it was a joy to see how much he enjoys it. He is usually a little bit nervous and unsure of himself, but when working sheep he is confident and content. It makes me happy just to watch him work.

Thumbs down. I have hardly gone herding at all. I am going this week. It's hard with flyball practice every weekend. Poor Goose.

4. I will spend more time training them individually at home.

Indigo enjoys learning new tricks and they all enjoy working for food. I need to do this more often.

I didn't do any trick training, but I have been doing more training with the recallers class. Still not as much as I should have done. 

5. We will debut Pax in flyball and Indigo in agility.

Pax is progressing very nicely and will hopefully debut sometime this summer. Indigo is still learning weaves, but will be able to enter some sort of agility trial this year.

 Pax did debut in flyball and Indigo did learn weaves, but her contacts haven't been solid enough to do standard runs in agility. I'll say this one is 1/2 done and I'll leave it up to Ben to see what happens this year. r

Plans/Goals for this upcoming year

1. Move across the country and join a new flyball team, hopefully with 1-2 of our dogs running on a team that gets into the 15 second range. 
2.  Travel back to Victoria for another UFLI tournament there and hopefully qualify for UFLI nationals
3. Go to CanAm and run on a regular team
4. Clean standard runs in agility with Indy in which she hits her Aframe contacts
5. More oval racing and lure coursing with Pax and try straight racing
6. Try Indigo and Goose in a CAT
7. Find a new herding instructor in Massachusetts and take Goose several times before we move.
8. Pax speed up and run in the 3.6 range. Ya never know....

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