Friday, June 15, 2012

Burn Out

Back to Indigo. Her right front leg has been off for awhile. It's hard to tell with a dog that already has an unusual gait and shows no pain. A few times during chuck-it she wouldn't bear weight on it, but then a few hours later she seemed fine. And then last weekend she seemed to have a slight limp. We pulled her on Sunday and since then she's been to the chiropractor and has been only swimming for exercise. As usual she seems totally fine now, but we are taking it easy for at least a full week. We really need her to be sound for the Coconut Classic next weekend in PA.

We have this weekend off and are looking forward to the break. I think dogs experience burnout and benefit from a break. I don't think one week is really enough, but it's better than tournaments every weekend. I think it gets a little boring for them! We decided to skip U-FLI nationals for a number of reasons this year - we couldn't find flights that would work, Ben starts school Monday morning after and we just don't have it in us to do another really long trip right now. We will probably skip a few other tournaments too.

Despite the dogs being a little burnt out this past weekend, Finley had her best tournament yet. She was fully involved as much as she could. She helped the dogs get wrapped and carried our tugs for us. She came in to watch all of our races and cheered us on. She had the most fun helping with Chase. She was in charge of calling him and giving him treats in the runback. Our plan is to start teaching her to run a dog in practice and then hopefully as soon as she is old enough she will be ready to go. And then we'll have to find a dog for her to run!

I saw this box prop and I like it instead of Plexi glass

Finley enjoys putting vetwrap on the dogs

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