Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CanAm 2010

My teammate on Jet City Jumpers Flyball team (Joy) and I drove all the way from Seattle to Indiana for Flyball nationals. We brought my two border collies and two of her border collies. It was quite chaotic with just Joy and I taking care of 4 border collies and of course my daughter Finley had to come along too.

We decided to switch Indigo and Ezri onto my favorite east coast team, Canine Mutiny. We tried to put together the fastest team possible with our two girls along with two of their border jacks, Stingray and Slingshot.

We had quite a disadvantage with no possibly for a team practice. Also Indigo has not been her usual speedy self for the past year and Slingshot was still not recovered from an earlier injury. We managed to pull it together enough to run a 16.3 and entered the finals. It was a single elimination and we were eliminated on the first round against Burnin Rubber. We didnt have much of a chance against them with their 2 border whippets, whippet, and border stack.

I was very impressed with our open team. We all ran very well together and got some great times. On Sunday we put Indigo, Epic, Ezri (our three JCJ border collies) on a team with Stingray and ran a 16.1 with a .16 start. We were very excited to have won Open Division 1 that day.

Overall it was one of the best flyball experiences I have ever had. It was amazing to watch the top teams compete for the championship.


We stopped to visit Ezri and Indigos breeder on the way. L --> R Indigo, Ezri, Prancer, Brita, Dazzle

Our accomodations at CanAm

Our crating area
TV screen for listing upcoming races

Proof that we made it to the finals!

the crowd watching the final races

interesting prop used by NET

A family photo of Race (from Orion Border Collies) kids. L --> R Ezri, Indigo, Razor, Speed, Drive

CanAm 2011 has been announced and will be at the same place and same time. Unfortunately we probably wont be able to make it next year. We are hoping to be able to compete in UFLI nationals next year depending on where it is held.

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