Monday, October 18, 2010

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I decided to separate my dog training ideas, thoughts and reports into a new blog to keep it all separate from my day to day report on our life. I named the blog after my border collie Indigo, my best girl and the one that taught us all about the world of dog sports.

We currently have 3 dogs, 2 border collies and a baby whippet. We started out, as most people do with a mix breed dog that could learn dog sports, but wasnt especially good or driven to be trained. Of course we figured if we were going to get another dog, it might as well be a border collie. Indigo was a joy to train in flyball and now is doing great for Ben in agility, but we needed another dog for Ben to run in flyball and for herding. We tried Indigo in herding, but she turned out to prefer running full speed at the sheep and injuring herself and them too many times. She is a true sport dog and not a stock dog.

That is where Epic came into the picture. We got him as a partially trained herding dog with the hope of entering him into herding trials some day. He was trained for flyball in 3 months and is running for Ben in tournaments.

When you get involved in dog sports, getting more and more dogs becomes part of the addiction. We had two wonderful dogs that are successful in their sports, but that is not enough! After considering several other breeds/mixes (borderjack, borderstaffy, another border collie, staffordshire bull terrier and JRT) we decided that our next dog would be a whippet.

I started looking a kennels with the plan to get one in the next year or so, but a very cute little red whippet was available right away. We tried him out in our house and immediately decided to keep him. Pax is now 6 months old and is in training for agility, flyball and hopefully will try whippet racing and lure coursing.

Deltabluez Epic

Ignited Indigo


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