Saturday, February 12, 2011

a hike in the woods

I realized recently that its been forever since we took the dogs for a hike. Unfortunately in the Seattle area there are very few areas that are safe for off leash romps in the woods. Sometimes the dog park doesn't cut it. I love watching the dogs bound through the woods, alternating between full speed running away from us and then racing back to check in.

I also realized that our new little whippet boy has never done this. You wouldn't know it - he hiked with us like he has done it a million times. He stayed with the pack and did well with his recalls along the way. His focus/obesession with Indigo is annoying most of the time, but it situations like this its kind of nice to know that he won't go running off to chase something. He would way rather keep an eye on Indigo.

Today we went to Issaquah and found a great trail with lots of up and down hill parts. The dogs ran fast and hard and slept for a solid 1/2 hour after.

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