Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flyball training and racing

I wish I got some video of Pax at flyball practice last week! He did awesome! I let him go from jump 4 to the box and then all the way back to Ben, with a dog passing into him and two dogs racing in the other baby gates. He held his ball every time and didn't even look at any other dog.

The only thing we need to work on now is his box turn and making sure it stays nice while adding speed to the box. I'm pretty sure he has been so easy to train because of his crazy tug drive. He is a serious maniac on the tug.

Here is last nights session

This weekend we are going to another flyball tournament! Epic & Indy are going with Joy on Friday night and then we will run them on Sunday. They are on a team together with Ezri, Tina and a borrowed borderjack height dog. It should be fun & fast!

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