Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lure Coursing

We went to our first race practice with Pax, Indigo and Epic this past weekend. We wanted to try all 3 dogs on the lure to see how they would do. Indigo and Epic seemed to be herding the lure. They both almost did an outrun, past the lure and then came back to get it. They also might have been running directly for Ben, rather than the lure at all. Who knows...but we will probably continue to run them in practice since it only costs $2 per dog and it is long distance running, which is great for conditioning.

Pax was another story. He has seen the lure once before and immediately starting going NUTS! He was barking and whining up until I let him go for it. He ran by himself, so its hard to say how fast he was going. It looked pretty fast to me! Several people commented that he probably has some potential for doing well in performance events. I think so too!

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