Thursday, January 6, 2011

Box Turn Problems

Ahhh! Two of my three dogs are having box issues!

Pax - Pax is in training now and does great with "hit its". He is snappy and enthusiastic. He will do it for either a ball or a tug, but prefers a ball. I wanted to start introducing a ball because, I dont want him to get used to not having a ball there.

As soon as I introduce the ball he either just tries to steal it, or he does what seems like a nice box turn, but he is actually double-hitting the box with his front feet. I took video last night and its bad. My plan is to work on his tug drive or desire to come back to me. I think he kind of loses it when he gets the ball off the chute. I am also going to keep adjusting the prop. Maybe its too tight? or too loose? Or too high? All I know is that I need to fix this.


Epic - While running Epic at practice last week I realized that his box turn totally sucks. He goes up high and his head position is just not right. He also is way ball obsessed and often doesnt even want a tug when he has his ball. I don't have any recent video, so I dont have proof. But I guarantee...its ugly.


Luckily Im pretty sure Indigo has a nice box turn. Or at least she did when I took THIS VIDEO

Lots and lots and lots more video to follow....

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