Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Time on the Real Box & Other Training Updates

We bought a used Fast Track Flyball Box and it arrived yesterday. We decided to try Pax on it. He seems to be ready to move to the real box. We loaded it for him and he did well! He caught the ball everytime and got his four feet up nicely.

Now we need to work on his approach to the box and his double hitting. The second arrangement in the VIDEO is much better and gets him on and off much faster. His problem is that he is going straight for the ball and not turning especially nicely. He is also too high. I am going to keep modifying things until I can get a better turn, which will involve some wall work and changing the props in front of the box.

Overall I am very happy with how he is doing. He is only 9 months and is doing real box work and is very focused on the game. I was not expecting my little whippet boy to be this easy to train!

Georgia has been on two walks so far and has not whined. I have been told that by the middle of the third walk I should expect some whining! We will find out tonight!


I trained Kate this morning on leash outside of the dog park. She got to the point that she could comfortably watch dogs from a distance, but is still very worried that they will approach her. We will keep at it, until she is a bit more relaxed. Then I will probably bring her home for a little while (when I am working full-time) and then work with her again in a few months.

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