Thursday, January 27, 2011

visitors have left

Kate left two weeks ago. I spend quite a bit of time with her working on her fear of other dogs. We had several sessions on leash at the park and she got to the point that she was able to be close to other dogs and not worry too much. I sent her back home when I started working because I couldnt give her the individual attention that she needs. Working with her was a good experience for me especially considering my failure with training Teal (now Lava). Now that I really understand about fear in dogs, I feel like a better trainer in dealing with this sort of thing.

Georgia was here for two weeks and made major progress while she was here. We had some trouble working on the whining because she wouldnt whine on walks. I decided to work on her whining in just in day to day life. She would whine to get anything she, out of her crate etc. One morning I waited for 45 minutes before letting her out of her crate. She finally stopped toward the end of her stay. And she finally started whining on walks.

As soon as she started whining, we stopped and did some basic tricks to get her refocused. This allowed her to walk past the scary house with the dog barking without whining. This made our walk quite a bit longer, but she made some real progress. At that point I had already had her for two weeks and it was time for her to go home. If I had her for another few weeks and lots more time, I think I could have made a lot more progress.

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