Saturday, January 29, 2011

knocking and barking

I will start working from home soon, doing nutrition counseling over the phone. My home is currently not conducive to this because regardless of where I am in the house, they dogs will bark when someone knocks on door or rings the doorbell. When someone is calling for nutrition counseling, they think they are reaching someone in an office and I doubt they want to hear a pack of barking dogs. This is a bit of an emergency.

I have been working with Indigo unsuccessfully to get her to stop barking and jumping up on people for a long time. I have literally made no success. I tried to teach her to go to her mat. She just barks from her mat. I've tried removing her from the situation and letting her out when she is quiet. That doesnt work either.

My friend Greta suggested that we just give them treats and knock over and over and over until they stop barking. This worked quite well. Why didnt I think of this? I guess I was hung up on the idea that we didn't want to reward them for barking, but now I get the concept of conditioning them to associate a reward with a knock or doorbell ring.

I plan to work on this daily until I have total silence every time someone comes to the door.

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