Friday, January 7, 2011


To improve my dog training skills and help friends out, I have been taking opportunities to bring dogs into our house and train them. Right now we have a puppy that belongs to Diane Pagel from Deltabluez Stockdogs. She will be an awesome herding dog. She has great manners: sleeps through the night, never whines or barks, goes into her crate with no issue. She gets along wonderfully with my dogs and is very appropriate with Finley (my baby).

Her only problem is that she is quite fearful, mainly of other dogs. I have had problems dealing with this issue in the past. I think I owe it to her and myself and the other dogs that I havent trained well to work on this until it is resolved (or at least try my hardest).

Before we venture out into the world and start training with strange dogs, I am working on some basic training at home. She is getting good at "touch" "look at me" "sit" "lie down". I am also rewarding her when she is handled and for orienting to me at all. She is doing a good job and is beginning to enjoy clicker training.

Next week we will venture out into the world and watch dogs from far away.

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