Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Hell Breaks Loose

I consider myself to be a decent dog trainer. I don't have a lot of experience, but I read a lot and am always trying new things. My biggest challenge is Indigo's barking and the dogs behavior at the front door. When someone knocks at the front door all hell breaks loose.

I've talked about this before and committed to giving Indigo a treat everytime someone knocks on the door and having people knock on the door a lot to speed up the process. I feel like I did this a lot and didn't have much success. I probably didn't give it long enough.

Indigo starts barking incessantly, which make the other two start barking at well. Then when someone walks in they charge and jump on the person.

I've tried lots of things that haven't worked or maybe I haven't given anything long enough to work.

Our current plan is to put the dogs in crates when we know that someone is coming over and then let them out one at a time, so we can work each one separately at appropriate greetings. They don't get let out until they stop barking. This helps keep the situation less chaotic, but hasn't reduced barking.

The barking is a larger problem and happens when anyone is outside or comes near the front door. For this we have been trying to distract Indigo by having her "find it" with treats or do simple tricks.

To prevent jumping we are doing mat work, which I'm hoping will eventually get them to stay when people come over. We are still pretty far from this.

I'm hoping someday I can fix this problem, but it feels very far away from reality.

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