Wednesday, June 22, 2011

striding gutters for Pax & injuries for Pax

Pax has finally been getting more confident toward the box during full runs. He is officially ready to debut at a tournament. On this video you can see how much better he does with striding gutters! His box turn still needs work, but I'm happy with his progress.

One of his toes on his back feet is apparently really susceptible to injury. First he sprained it while chasing birds in our backyard. He runs full speed and then comes to a short stop. It finally got better and then he broke the nail to the point that it had to be removed. This was actually good because we learned that if his toe nails are kept short, he will be a lot less likely to have another injury! He is finally better now, but has to be wrapped during heavy activity.

He is one of those dogs that needs to be put in bubble wrap before competitions...he is really accident prone!

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