Sunday, June 12, 2011

Outdoor Flyball Practice

Today we had an outdoor flyball practice. The weather in Seattle is rainy most of the time lately and another big chunk of time the field is wet. The crappy weather combined with a busy tournament schedule in the summer means that we usually only have 1 outdoor practice per year. This year I'd like to have at least 2-3. We have one outdoor tournament this year and it was great practice for that. It's also really nice to have as much space as we need and no time limit. We were there for 3.5 hours today and make lots of progress.

My favorite outdoor drill is long distance chase. It's great conditioning and teaches the dogs to run fast!!

Pax did well and still has no interest in chasing other dogs. He still needs gates or he will go around the jumps. Also his box turn looks a little bit awkward when he does full runs. He still needs more confidence and a slow build up of speed.

Indigo and Epic did great. Indigo ran for someone that she never met before while I ran Epic in the same lane and did great.

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