Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zach in a Box

After two years of training we finally make progress with Zach! We decided that we want to make him really successful and not have to make too many choices. Often it's good to have a dog be challenged by a situation and make a good choice. We want to get to this point, but for a few weeks we just want to to be really successful.

As I mentioned in the last post, his problem is head to head box work or head to head runs. We completely boxed him and the box in, so his only options were to go to his handler or the box. First we ran him against our slowest dog and he had no reaction at all. He had never been able to go head to head with her before though. We switched her out for another medium speed dog and got the same result...perfect box work.

Next week we will move one gate halfway open. We also worked on the "focus on the handler game" and head to head dead ball retrieves with my border collie, Indigo.

It was the best he's done in months!

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