Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Updates

Recent Results

5/14 Race Practice - Indigo, Epic and especially Pax had a great time. Pax finally had an opportunity to race with other whippets. He was faster than everyone he raced! We were very proud. Indigo & Epic are getting better at going after the lure and enjoy the exercise. We even got some video

5/28-30 Agility Trial - This was Indigo & Ben's agility debut. They went to a NADAC trial at Mega Dogs in Woodinville, WA. They had a great time and Ben got hooked on agility. She did well in tunnelers & hoopers and even won in those classes the first day. They need more work in jumpers, but Indigo was incredibly focused and patient with her new handler. Here is some video

6/4-5 Flyball Tournament - Cloverdale - We had a blast this past weekend at the Dogwood Pacesetters 25th Anniversary tournament. Indigo & Epic ran perfectly with best times of 3.72 (Indigo's PB) and 3.83 respectively. Their team won Division 2 both days and Epic earned his FMX title. There was a 1980s costume contest, a "history of flyball in the NW slideshow and a wonderful dinner, which was all very entertaining. The weather was awesome and we had hookups for camping. Perfect flyball weekend.

Upcoming Events

6/29 Agility Trial - NADAC - weavers
7/6 Agility Trial - NADAC - Touch & Go
7/9-10 Flyball Tournament - Salem (possible debut for Pax)
7/16 - Ben TTouch Seminar
7/23-24 Flyball Tournament - Maple Ridge
7/13-14 UFLI Flyball Tournament - Vancouver Island
7/27-28 NAFA flyball Tournament - Vancouver Island
8/5,6,7 Whippet Specialty Event - Argus Ranch & CPE trial
9/17-18 NAFA tournament - Longview, WA
9/24-25 UFLI tournament - Gridley, CA
10/15-16 ASFA lure coursing Roy, WA

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