Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flyball Overtraining

Woah...I'm on a blogging roll today! I'm sure this happens in all dog sports, but I know flyball pretty well and I definitely see it happening. My flyball team had a history of training every dog, every single week and doing lots of full runs.

It could be my imagination, but I believe full runs during practice weekly and nothing else is boring for dogs that are already trained. Sure, if you have lots of time to work on problems and green dogs and you have time left over, there are plenty of conditioning exercises and box improvements that are helpful for trained dogs....but every week?

With 7 dogs in training and several dogs with major issues, we decided to take all of our experienced dogs, split them into 2 groups and have them alternate weeks of practicing. I have been trying to get this to happen for years and am so happy that we finally did it.

I think our experienced dogs are way more excited about flyball after a week off and our green dogs are getting the attention that they need. I think people with multiple dogs don't mind saving a little bit of money either.

We've had several new personal bests in recent tournaments and I'd like to think it's related to this change.

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